Oh, hello *turns in swivel chair* I’m an actor, artist and writer living in Silverlake, CA.  I was born in Las Vegas, grew up in London, lived in Phoenix for a couple years and finally settled in Los Angeles.  No, I don’t have a British accent, but I can do one!  Linguistics is a mystery; I was around my father and grandparents who are from the U.S. or it could be all the American TV and film I consumed.  I’m “ethnically ambiguous” as they say in the business.  henceforth, Caucasian shall be termed “ethnically obvious”.  My mother is Korean and I’ve inherited her galbi making skills.

How’d I get here?

You know those silly career placement tests you take when you are 10 or 11? Acting and journalism were neck and neck.  I’m curious about humanity.  I like asking questions and writing.  Journalism got me thinking about camera operation, editing and producing.  I graduated with a B.A. in broadcast journalism from Arizona State University.  During those years I also competed in Speech and Debate.  I traveled around the country performing ten-minute pieces under categories like drama, poetry and prose.  Growing up, I performed in plays and trained at the Utah Shakespearean Junior Actor’s Camp (perfect place for a nerdy girl’s first kiss).   After college, I decided to pursue my love of story telling through acting.


bringing myself to the table and Creating an empathetic portrait whether it be humorous or dramatic is my goal as an actor.  I've worked on numerous commercials, shorts and indies.  My first costar was happily on "Jane the virgin."  National commercials include: Applebee's, Microsoft, Ford, KFC, Capital One, Samsung, Petco, Morning star, home depot and paypal, TOYOTA. Also, A four commercial campaign directed by Eric appel for Smirnoff Ice.  I currently train at bramon garcia braun studio and Upright Citizens Brigade fuels my love for improv.  I perform with the improv group "KITCHEN MANSION" and the all asian sketch show "The Golden Hour". The Golden Hour completed a 6 month run on UCB's MAIN STAGE.

I wrote a half hour single camera comedy pilot called “I Married a Method Actor”.  Through a successful kickstarter campaign; I got to make it.  This was my first foray as actor, writer, director and producer  *rub tummy and pat head simultaneously*.

Non-acting wise, i write sketches and short films and I make custom watercolor portraits.  I volunteer with The Art of Elysium, bringing fine art and play to children in L.A. hospitals.  

Casting cheat sheet 

Here a few ways casting and acting teachers have described me: a true oddball, matriarch, girl next door, likeable essence, integrity, intelligence, empathetic.

Type compared to a Rashida Jones or Aubrey Plaza with a pinch of AUDREY TAUTOU quirk.